YEP Flux Inc. is proud to introduce UTOPIX CBD, a new line of CBD health and wellness products based on proven plant based science, innovation and above all integrity. The UTOPIX CBD portfolio of products is designed to provide better health and wellness and restore balance.

The UTOPIX CBD plant based wellness line was developed by Life Science innovator, Rick Anson. UTOPIX CBD wellness is focused on creating more than just the best CBD quality products in the market. YEP Flux Inc. also offers a lucrative opportunity for motivated and passionate people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

YEP Flux Inc. is founded on the idea that having the best quality wellness products backed by a team that inspires you enables each of us to live our best lives.

UTOPIX CBD products are derived from 100% organically grown U.S. hemp—certified to be Non-THC. The UTOPIX CBD portfolio line of advanced absorption topical creams, premium oil tinctures, gourmet gummies and an industry first oral dissolvable tablet was designed to be an all-inclusive line of plant based wellness for all people.

The CBD line features HydroPure, Nano water-soluble advanced absorption technology for quicker, better absorption and wellness. All UTOPIX CBD products have a QR code to show our potency, purity and safety. This commitment to superior quality, safety, efficacy and innovation separates UTOPIX CBD Wellness and YEP Flux Inc. in the 10 billion dollar Hemp CBD marketplaces.


UTOPIX CBD portfolio of products was created to provide a positive impact on people health around the world by providing superior quality, scientific, plant-based wellness products that help people live their best and most productive lives. Helping people reach their full potential both in their health and in their finances is our core  mission.

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